Boot Camp Information

Case Interview Boot Camp Overview and Agenda


Why: Are you really ready to interview? Like a:

  • Professional golfer preparing for a championship tournament, or a
  • Broadway actor preparing for opening night, or a
  • Soldier preparing for battle

Rigorous preparation is critical to ensure peak performance when interviewing.

What: 1 to 2 day workshops to build the skills and confidence needed to succeed on game day!

When and Where: Contact us for upcoming times and locations.

Module 1:
-Introduction to corporate strategy and strategy consulting
-Introduction to case interviewing leveraging interactive videos to model case interviewing best practices

Module 2:
-Review of case interview “starts”
-Tips on reading charts and executing math quickly
-More interactive case interview practice

Module 3:
-Practice and coaching leveraging interactive case interview videos
-Small group work focusing on math and case starts

Module 4:
-Practice and coaching leveraging interactive case interview videos
-Preview of the upcoming recruiting season
-Review a 10 week prep plan to ensure success on game day!


“Do those things necessary to bring forth your very best
and don’t lose sleep worrying about the competition.”
-John Wooden, Hall of Fame Basketball Coach