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By V I Abaev; Herbert H Paper; Steven P Hill; Dzaudzhikau (R.S.F.S.R.). Nauchno-issledovatelʹskiĭ institut Severo-Osetinskoĭ ASSR.; Indiana University. Research Center in Anthropology, Folklore, and Linguistics

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7). Under these conditions, the average molecular weight of the fraction on the right is progressively reduced. On incubation of the worms in a glucose-containing medium in uitro, the molecular weight of this fraction progressively increases. Such variations as a result of changes in the nutitional state of the organism 42 S. A . O R R E L L , J R . , E. B U E D I N G A N D M. R E I S S I G can hardly be considered the result of an artifact of the extraction procedure. The variations in the molecular weight spectrum of cold water-extractedglycogen as a function of the glycogen levels of the tapeworm H.

Biol. ,236,2854. COLUCCI, A. , ORBELL, S. , SAZ, H. , and BUEDING, E. (1963). Unpublished observations. DROCHMANS, P. (1963). In Biochemical Society Symposia No. 23 : Methods of separation of subcellular structures, p. 127. Cambridge Univ. Press. GREENWOOD, C. J. Roc. chem. , 26. LAZAROW, A. h u t . , 31. LELOIB,L. , and GOLDEMBERG, S. H. (I+). J. bid. , 235,919. LELOIR, L. , O L A V AJ. , A , GOLDEMBERG, S. H.. and CAFWNATTI, H. (1959). Arch. , 81, 508. ORRELL, S. , and BUEDING, E. J. h e r . chem.

Hehre and Hamilton (1951) have shown that an enzymic system fiom Acetobacter cupmlatum is capable of converting starch dextrins into a dextran containing mainly a-1 ,&linkages. On the other hand, Q-enzyme is capable of converting only a small fraction of a-1,4-linkages in amylose into a-I,Glinks. Since the limitation to further branching cannot be a thermodynamic one, it must stem &om the steric specificity of the enzyme. Similarly, a yeast branching enzyme, capable of converting amylopectin into a glycogen-like polysaccharide, has no appreciable action on glycogen itself (Gunja and Manners, 1959).

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