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While director, he mentored a Kewa, 14 Robert Litteral Yapua Kirapeasi, in the production of basic educational materials. D. in linguistics at the ANU, had this to say in appreciation, “I express my appreciation to Dr. for their encouragement. They are indeed the pioneer Kewa wina alilopo [‘man woman-both’] who have shown me the way to my people and language. ” 1973-1976: SIL Papua New Guinea Branch Director Karl’s vision and leadership ability began to lead the PNG branch in a new direction where Papua New Guineans were trained to take a more active role in applied linguistic work for the benefit of their own language communities.

Kenneth L. Pike for three months in a linguistics workshop during his first field term (1958-63) and published three articles on Kewa: Franklin (1963), Franklin and Franklin (1962a, 1962b). Two of these were ethno-semantic studies of Kewa counting systems and body parts, the seeds of another enduring interest: lexicography and semantics. A. in Linguistics at Cornell University under Prof. Charles Hockett during the 1963-4 academic year and taught phonetics on a teaching fellowship. He received his degree after finishing his thesis on Kewa clause markers in 1965, part of which was published (1965).

1981e. Creating expressions in the vernacular. Papua New Guinea Journal of Education 17(2):200–209. , and Robert Litteral. 1982. Comparing expatriate and mother tongue translation programs. Notes on Linguistics 23:4–15. , ed. 1986. Anthropological and missiological issues. 6 and 7, 84 pp. , ed. 1987. Critical concerns of anthropologists and missionaries. International Museum of Cultures, Publication, No. 22, 163 pp. , ed. 1989. Studies in componential analysis. SIL Data Papers, Vol. 36, 105pp. 4 A Role and Reference Grammar Account of Bonggi Adversative Constructions Michael Boutin ABSTRACT In Bonggi, a Western Austronesian language of Sabah, Malaysia, most adversative constructions are formed from achievement verbs.

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