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By G. A. Aiken

Braith of the Darkness likes facing existence not noted. now not a simple job for a She-dragon of royal descent. however the evil plots of her father are turning her quiet, dull existence the other way up, and she or he has now turn into the enemy of the main vicious queen her style has ever recognized. yet for as soon as, Braith won't need to struggle on my own. now not while the warrior dragon of her desires is keen to hazard every thing to save lots of her neck.

Addolgar the pleased needs he may well say he's assisting the gorgeous royal strictly for honorable reasons—but he'd be mendacity. It's now not his fault, even though! He didn't inform Braith of the Darkness to have the main scrumptious tail he's ever visible! but prior to Addolgar can get his very robust claws on that tail, heads are going to roll. simply expectantly no longer theirs...

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