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By Martin Jay Levitt, Terry Conrow Toczynski

I hadn't felt anxious through the sunny, one-hour flight from Reno to San Diego. yet as I sat there on the speakers' desk on the head of the cavernous Hyatt Islandia convention room, my throat by surprise felt dry. Beads of chilly sweat crawled down my brow and underarms. prior to me, stuffed into the corridor round the unending rows of folding tables, sat 400 union males, powerful, thick-armed, sunburned workmen who had accumulated for the 1988 Western convention of the Brotherhood of Carpenters.

I attempted to masks my panic with small speak and smiles, yet whereas I waited for my identify to be referred to as my middle beat uncontrollably and my hands have been clammy. Then, from someplace off within the distance, it appeared, I heard my identify introduced; inside my head the speaker's voice used to be muffled via my booming heartbeat and the sound of my very own heavy respiring. I don't bear in mind status up or strolling to the microphone, yet without notice there i used to be, clutching the rostrum.

The auditorium fell silent. A roomful of eyes met mine, bearing secrets and techniques i couldn't learn, or dared now not. I dipped my head in order that my lips nearly touched the microphone, and with no my keen it, a throaty sigh escaped into the sound method and ricocheted off the ceiling and partitions.

I had no selection yet to start: "I come from a truly soiled company. ..."

--From the Foreword

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Introduction 27 Forth Programmer’s Handbook Figure 6 shows a complete listing of the washing machine example. This is a typical Forth block of source code. Comments are in parentheses. In this example, lines 1–3 define named constants, with hex values representing hardware port addresses. Lines 5–15 define, in sequence, the application words that perform the work. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ( Washing Machine Application ) HEX 7000 CONSTANT MOTOR 7006 CONSTANT DETERGENT 7002 CONSTANT VALVE 7008 CONSTANT TIMER 7004 CONSTANT FAUCETS DECIMAL : : : : : : : : : : : 700A CONSTANT CLUTCH 7010 CONSTANT LEVEL ON ( port) -1 SWAP OUTPUT ; : OFF ( port) 0 SWAP OUTPUT ; SECONDS ( n) 1000 * MS ; : MINUTES ( n) 60 * SECONDS ; ADD ( port) DUP ON 10 SECONDS OFF ; TILL-FULL BEGIN LEVEL INPUT UNTIL ; DRAIN VALVE ON 3 MINUTES VALVE OFF ; AGITATE MOTOR ON 10 MINUTES MOTOR OFF ; SPIN CLUTCH ON MOTOR ON 5 MINUTES MOTOR OFF CLUTCH OFF ; FILL FAUCETS ON TILL-FULL FAUCETS OFF ; WASH FILL DETERGENT ADD AGITATE DRAIN ; RINSE FILL AGITATE DRAIN ; WASHER WASH SPIN RINSE SPIN ; Figure 6.

Forth allows as many comments as desired, with no penalty in object code size or performance. When reading, : WASHER WASH SPIN RINSE SPIN ; it is obvious what RINSE does. To determine how it does it, you read: : RINSE FILL AGITATE DRAIN ; When you wonder how FILL works, you find: : FILL FAUCETS ON TILL-FULL FAUCETS OFF ; Reading further, one finds that FAUCETS is simply a constant which returns 28 Introduction Forth Programmer’s Handbook the address of the port that controls the faucet, while ON is a simple word that turns on the bits at that address.

The absolute value of the number, with leading zeroes suppressed. ) 3. In some cases, a trailing blank. The standard numeric output words are: Glossary . (n—) Core Remove the top of stack item and display it as a signed single-precision integer followed by one space. R ( n1 +n2 — ) Core Ext Display signed single-precision integer n1 with leading spaces, to fill a field of width +n2, right-justified. This word expects positive integer n2 on top of the stack to specify the length of the output field.

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