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By Gert Almkvist (auth.), Ilias S. Kotsireas, Eugene V. Zima (eds.)

This quantity, as Andrew M. Odlzyko writes within the foreword, “commemorates and celebrates the lifestyles and achievements of a unprecedented person.” initially conceived as an eightieth birthday tribute to Herbert Wilf, the well known combinatorialist, the ebook has advanced past the proceeds of the W80 tribute.

Professor Wilf was once an award-winning instructor, who was once supportive of ladies mathematicians, and who had an surprisingly excessive share of girls between his PhD applicants. He was once Editor-in-chief of the yankee Mathematical per month and a founding father of either the magazine of Algorithms and of the digital magazine of Combinatorics. yet he used to be first a researcher, pushed by way of his wish to comprehend and clarify the interior workings of the mathematical world.

The ebook collects top of the range, refereed study contributions via a few of Professor Wilf’s colleagues, scholars, and collaborators. a number of the papers offered the following have been featured within the 3rd Waterloo Workshop on laptop Algebra (WWCA 2011, W80), held may possibly 26-29, 2011 at Wilfrid Laurier college, Waterloo, Canada. Others have been incorporated as a result of their courting to his very important paintings in combinatorics. All are offered as a tribute to Herb Wilf’s contributions to arithmetic and mathematical life.

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24n 12 5 3 13 0 14 15 5 5 16 6 17 18 3 3 19 2 20 21 7 1 22 4 23 Proof. mod 8/. mod 8/: (70) rD0 Q / modulo 8 is a periodic function with period 24. j Q / for 0 Ä j Ä 23. j t u Corollary 4. mod 24/. mod 24/I (71) otherwise: Q / ¤ 0. Corollary 5. mod 24/. mod 24/. n/ employs the sequence of matrices appearing in the top-left block of powers of the matrix Pm . This section describes properties of this sequence. A convention on their block structure is presented next: let n 2 N and i; j integers with 1 Ä i; j Ä n 1.

Keep in mind that P4 is a 16 16 matrix. Assume the claim holds for m. Observe that 2m mC4 for m 4, therefore the 2m congruence modulo  2 ofà Lemma 11 can be replaced with a congruence modulo X Y 2mC4 . Write V D to obtain ZW  dm PmC1 Á P 0 V P  à C2 m AB C D à 1 2mC2 R 0 0 I C 2m Q B 4. / I C 4. / 2m . / 2m . / C C ÁB @ X C 2m . / Y C 2m . / I C 2m . / 2m . / A 4. / I C 4. / Z C 2m . / W C 2m . mod 2mC4 /: Squaring this matrix gives 0 d mC1 PmC1 1 0 0 I C 2mC1 Q 2mC3 R B 4. / I C 4. / 4. / 4.

3 in the range 3 Ä n Ä 1;000. n//. For 3 Ä n Ä 30, the list is f0; 0; 1; 0; 0; 1; 0; 0; 2; 0; 0; 5; 0; 0; 1; 0; 0; 1; 0; 0; 2; 0; 0; 5; 0; 0; 1; 0g: (46) 34 T. Amdeberhan et al. Fig. n// for n modulo 12. mod 3/ split into classes 2; 5; 8 and 11 modulo 12. mod 1/2 does not exhibit such a pattern. 3n C 1/ are always odd integers. n/ D n 1 X n kD0 1 k ! 0/ D 1: (47) Q Proposition 3. mod 2/: (48) Proof. Proceed by induction. 3n/ D 3n X1 kD0 3n k ! k/: (49) Complementary Bell Numbers: Arithmetical Properties and Wilf’s Conjecture Fig.

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