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By S. Dostoglou, P. Ehrlich

This quantity involves accelerated models of invited lectures given on the Beemfest: Advances in Differential Geometry and basic Relativity (University of Missouri-Columbia) at the party of Professor John okay. Beem's retirement. The articles deal with difficulties in differential geometry in most cases and particularly, international Lorentzian geometry, Finsler geometry, causal barriers, Penrose's cosmic censorship speculation, the geometry of differential operators with variable coefficients on manifolds, and asymptotically de Sitter spacetimes pleasing Einstein's equations with confident cosmological consistent. The publication is appropriate for graduate scholars and study mathematicians attracted to differential geometry

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Secondly, if X and Y are oriented manifolds of the same dimension, then one may require the local degree of / to be positive. A is > 0. Thirdly, one may express the same idea by requiring that the inequality Jacobian(/)a: > 0 holds for almost all points X €: X (which makes sense for Lipschitz maps). B). If codil(/) < A, then / is called A-CO Lipschitz. The quotient map X —^ Y = X/T for a proper isometry group r acting on X is 1-co-Lipschitz (as well as 1-Lipschitz), for example. -balls Bx{R) in X around some point x e X and let r be the radius of the maximal ball in Y centered at f{x) and contained in the image /(B^(ii)) C Y.

We will first prove that #{D) is finite. Suppose that f : X ^^ Y satisfies dil(/) < D and let / : Rx —^ V{RY) be the mapping defined by X 1-^ {2/ G Ry • d{y,f{x)) < S/4}. Suppose that g : X ^^ Y satisfies dil(^) < D and f{x) 0 g{x) j^ 0 for each x G X. Then for all x e Rx, there is some y G Ry such that d{y^f{x)) < (5/4 and d{y,g{x)) < S/4. If z G Bx{x,£), then d{f{z),f{x)) < 6/4, and d{g{z),g{x)) < 5/4, so that d{f{z),g{z)) < S. Since the balls Bx{x,s) for x G Rx cover X, we conclude that / is homotopic to g; in particular, we have just shown that if f = g^ then / is homotopic to g.

R e m a r k 1: If n — 1 and a G 7ri(X, XQ), then ||a|| is the length of a shortest curve representing a, so that || • || defines a norm on the group 7ri(X,xo). , replacing a representative f of a by f o h, where /i is a homeomorphism of B^ = [—1,1] isotopic to the identity), we may assume that the local dilatation of / is constant and equal to l/21ength(/). This reduces the dilatation without changing the homotopy class a and thus proves the assertion. 21. For7,^G7r^(X,xo), M|Vn<||^||l/n^P||l/n^ 42 Metric Structures for Riemannian and Non-Riemannian Spaces Indeed, let a, 6 be fixed real numbers with a > ||7|| and b > \\S\\.

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