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By Claire Amiot (auth.), Aslak Bakke Buan, Idun Reiten, Øyvind Solberg (eds.)

This ebook beneficial properties survey and learn papers from The Abel Symposium 2011: Algebras, quivers and representations, held in Balestrand, Norway 2011. It examines a truly energetic study zone that has had a growing to be impression and profound effect in lots of different components of arithmetic like, commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, algebraic teams and combinatorics. This quantity illustrates and extends such connections with algebraic geometry, cluster algebra thought, commutative algebra, dynamical platforms and triangulated different types. furthermore, it comprises contributions on additional advancements in illustration concept of quivers and algebras.

Algebras, Quivers and Representations is concentrated at researchers and graduate scholars in algebra, illustration thought and triangulate categories.

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7 through 9; the present version incorporates simplifications suggested by work of Félix, Halperin and Thomas [9] on the homology of fibrations. In the last sections of the main text we discuss, with a view towards applications, two classes of algebras for which explicit computations are available. Three appendices handle terminology and notation concerning DG (co)algebras and DG (co)modules, allowing for a largely self-contained exposition. In particular, no prior exposure to coalgebras or twisted tensor products is assumed.

Choose a degreewise finite coaugmented DG coalgebra C with C 1 = 0, respectively, C 0 = 0 and an acyclic twisting map τ : C → A; for instance, C = BA, see Sect. 4. ∗ . The equivalences FfA and ⊂ come from Sect. 6. 3) and α (available by construction); they are equivalences by Sect. 2. 2 gives the equivalence RE(α) . ∗ The two functors Dfa (A)op → Dhf ha (C ) defined by the upper rectangle are isomorphic due to the natural quasi-isomorphism (46). As F τ ⊗ M → M is a semifree hf op resolution by Sect.

7: This follows from the expressions for the differentials in Sect. 1. 5 Naturality When γ : C → C is a morphism of DG coalgebras and τ : C → A is a twisting map, Sect. 6 implies that the map τ = τ γ : C → A is twisting. L. 1 Assume that A is augmented, C is coaugmented, and (p) A 0 =0=C 1 respectively (n) A −1 =0=C 0 (1) If γ : C → C is a quasi-isomorphism of coaugmented DG coalgebras with C −1 = 0, respectively, C 0 = 0, then A ⊗ γ and γ ⊗ A in (14) are homotopy equivalences. (2) If α : A → A is a quasi-isomorphism of augmented DG algebras with A 0 = 0, respectively, A −1 = 0, then α ⊗ C and C ⊗ α in (15) are quasi-isomorphisms.

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