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By William F. McNeil

This paintings makes use of useful measures to scientifically rank significant league avid gamers, place by way of place, in accordance with their offensive and protecting abilities. the writer has adjusted person statistics for the period within which the participant was once lively and for the house park consider order to place all eligible avid gamers on a degree taking part in box. for every place, the writer has pointed out the head contenders for most sensible offensive, protective and all-around participant, and gives a short background of every of the applicants.

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5 percent of the vote in 2007, with 75 percent required for election. Rafael Palmeiro retired after the 2005 season and will be eligible for Hall of Fame consideration in 2010. Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa were still active in 2007. The steroid issue is discussed in greater detail in the Appendix. C HAPTER 3 The Nineteenth Century All-Stars Major league baseball in the nineteenth century, from its first official contest in 1845 through 1899, was a game in transition. The game slowly evolved from a Saturday afternoon social event to a spirited contest between two dedicated teams, and the rules were adjusted over the years to find the most equitable balance between batter and pitcher, without favoring one over the other.

Charles “Chief ” Zimmer, whose career covered nineteen years between 1884 and 1903, was considered to be the top defensive catcher of his era. He was the first catcher to play directly behind the batter on every pitch, a strategy previously frowned upon because of the danger of injury from foul tips. 269. • James “Deacon” McGuire caught in the major leagues for 26 years, a prodigious accomplishment under nineteenth-century conditions. When he retired, he held many catching records, two of which — most years 38 ALL-STARS FOR ALL TIME caught (26) and most career assists (1,859)— are still intact.

Johnson C. Mathewson W. 000 2 3 1 30 ALL-STARS FOR ALL TIME Defensive Ratings The pitcher’s defense was evaluated for NFAD and NRFD. Name NFAD ×2 NRFD ×2 Total Points Final Defensive Rating W. Johnson C. Mathewson W. 283 13 3 4 Pitching Ratings It was very difficult to arrive at a fair method for evaluating the pitching skills of the individual pitchers from one era to another and select those pitching statistics that would provide a level playing field for all pitchers due to the many changes that have been made in the position over the years.

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