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By Wendy Conklin

This source presents classes and actions that convey 4 far away cultures vibrantly into the study room and immerse scholars in background. wealthy heritage fabrics aid attractive actions comparable to reading-aloud a brief play according to the epic of Gilgamesh, studying the fundamentals of chinese language calligraphy, making plans an Indus Valley trip itinerary, taking part in a board video game renowned in old Kush, and plenty of extra. to be used with Grades five & Up.

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Game boards include six holes on each side. Players use pebbles, seeds, or other small objects as game pieces. The object of the game is to capture the most game pieces. Today, Wari is still played in Africa and other parts of the world. The Meroitic Language _______________________ u Much about the people of Kush remains a mystery because their writing cannot be understood. During the early days, Kushites used Egyptian hieroglyphs. After the capital of Kush moved to Meroe, Kushites developed their own hieroglyphics and cursive writing called Meroitic.

They were: Brahmans or priests, which were white; Kshatriyas or warriors and rulers, which were red; Vaisyas or merchants and traders, which were yellow; and Sudras or workers and servants; which were black. The panchamas, or outcasts, were another group in society who were not allowed to dwell among the other castes. People usually did not marry or associate with others outside of their caste. According to belief, people could climb up the caste system only in another life. Chandragupta ______________ u Born into poverty in the early 300s BC, Chandragupta became the first Indian emperor to unify most of India.

OW ...... m ❶ This activity may take place over a few days. First, share with students the background information about Kushite buildings on page 50. Discuss three different styles of Kushite homes: fire-baked brick homes for the wealthy, sun-baked mud brick homes for the common class, and beehive huts of animal skins and reeds for nomads. ❷ Let students decide which style of home to build, or assign different styles to them. ❸ Work with students to collect building supplies such as small boxes, cardboard, plastic milk containers, juice boxes, aluminum cans, or other items.

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