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By Marshall Clagett

This quantity is a part of Marshall Clagett's three-volume examine of a few of the features of technology of old Egypt. quantity covers calendars, clocks, and astonomical monuments. inside every one zone of remedy there's a reasonable chronology glaring as merits a old paintings masking 3 millenia of job. comprises greater than a hundred illustrations of records and clinical items.

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Invocation·offerings· on certain festivals [listed thereinl If a number of these lists £see Doc. ] are examined. : Order of reasts (l) wp rnpt (2) [}Qwtyr (3) (4) tpy rnpt wi' (5) Vb 5kr (6) fJb wr (7) (8) rk(l prt Mn (9) (/bc/J (n) 5t! (10) (tp) 1M (II) tp smdt (12) fJb nb r C nb or variant.... ,- CALENDARS, CLOCKS, ASTRONOMY feasts in which the dead expected to take part. This order. it is easily demonstrated. can be nothing other than chronological. Whatever may be the exact meaning of IVp rnpt and tpy mpr.

19. D. 144. D. 20. D. 145, January 12), and so forth. What is -24- CALENDARS. CLOCKS. ASTRONOMY significant about the cycle for our purpose is that it gives a continually recurring series of lunar dates, easily and accurately translatable into the JulillR calendar for this period. The first use that Parker malees of this lunar cycle is to tcst his view (propounded first by Brugsch and followed by Mahler and Selbe) that the lunar month began with the nrst inVisibility of the waning crescent moon in the morning.

I-nbb (where the sign for -nbb. e.. _. could be a determinative) rather than for "9" lind accordingly he believed the festivals of the first column to be those of twelve successive lunar months beginning with the festival of IVp rnpt (see Fig. 121 But since the hieratic sign. without an accompanying sign 'for _. which was interpreted by Borchardt as 'New Moon Day: is precisely the same as the unadorned sign used for "9" in the regnal date given in the rubric. and its use for "New Moon Day" (when unaccompanied by the sign for-n(lb) cannot be attested in any hieratic documents.

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