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By F. S. Naiden

This is often the 1st book-length remedy of supplication, an enormous social perform in historic Mediterranean civilizations. regardless of the significance of supplication, it has acquired little recognition, and no earlier research has explored such a lot of elements of the perform. Naiden investigates the numerous gestures made by means of the supplicants, the kinds of requests they make, the arguments utilized in safety in their requests, and the position of the supplicandus, who evaluates and comes to a decision even if to meet the requests. assorted and plentiful assets invite comparability among the societies of Greece and Rome and likewise between literary genres. also, Naiden formulates an research of the ritual in its felony and political contexts. In developing this wealthy and thorough examine, Naiden thought of over 800 acts of supplication from Greek, Hebrew, and Roman literature, artwork, and clinical resources. 30 illustrations and a map of the appropriate destinations accompany the textual content.

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When he receives foreign rulers, they supplicate him. 8 Tiberius finds so much attention nerve-wracking, and he suspects one suppliant of trying to kill him. Since the source for this act is Tacitus, who dislikes Tiberius, the emperor is ludicrously wrong. The suppliant, a disgraced senator, is groveling before him. But the long face that Tiberius showed to at least one suppliant did him no good. 10 Any emperor missing from this list surely received suppliants, too, a conclusion suggested by the range of those who are on it.

Scythia: Polyaen. 1. 5. David: 2 Ki. 4–24. Ahab: 3 Ki. 32–34. 7 All these suppliants prove successful. The king has the power to forgive the wayward, protect the exile or captive, and shelter the fugitive, and he uses it. But the most important royal supplicandus is the Roman emperor. Augustus receives supplications at every turn. When he goes to dinner, the host’s slave supplicates him. When he receives foreign rulers, they supplicate him. 8 Tiberius finds so much attention nerve-wracking, and he suspects one suppliant of trying to kill him.

Attack: Tac. Ann. 7. 2. Senate: Toc. Ann. 1–13, Suet. Tib. 1. 10. C. 5–6. Claudius: Tac. Ann. 1-2. Nero: Suet. 2. C. 2. C. 1. Trajan: Fro. Parth. 16. Hadrian: Hist. Aug. Had. 14. C. 1. Commodus: Hrd. 4–5. Septimius Severus: Hrd. 2. C. 3–4. Additional acts appear in chap. 5. This list excludes typical acts portrayed on coins. 11. Ev. Marc. 22–24, Ev. Luc. 41–42, Ev. Matt. 18–19. Similar: Ev. Marc. 25, Ev. Luc. 12–16, Ev. Mat. 22–28. 12 Unsurprisingly, the sources assign more suppliants to the greatest conqueror, Alexander the Great, than to anyone else.

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