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By Y.T. Lo, S.W Lee

Lo Y., Lee S. Antenna guide (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1993, 2)(ISBN 0442015933)

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Fig. 15b shows corresponding results for a uniform square aperture of side a. The axial power density (102) is not completely canceled at any range because the Fresnel zones are annular and incomplete in a square aperture. 10 f'. r-.... 0 r/2tJ2/). r / ~\ " f1 1\ \I b v rJ ('~ f\ V I ~ J \ ~ ~ . \ I ~ f--iV 1\ "- ...... 0 Fig. 15. Axial power density in the near field of uniform distributions, (a) Circular aperture of diameter a; (b) Square aperture of side a,(After lull/51, © 1981 Peter Peregrinus Ltd,) Antenna Theory 5-34 6.

For planar Radiation from Apertures 5-27 antennas it is usually simpler to integrate the time-averaged complex Poynting vector over the aperture. For a rectangular aperture in the z = 0 plane (77) where the integration is over the aperture with the aperture dimensions sufficiently large in wavelengths that electric and magnetic fields in it are related by essentially free-space conditions. For in-phase symmetrical aperture distributions the maximum directive gain, or directivity, is in the () = 0 direction.

Small Antennas The Short Dipole 6-10 The Small Loop 6-13 7. Ferrite Loop Antennas 8. Bandwidth and Efficiency 9. Noise 10. Satellite TV Earth Station Receiving Antenna 11. References 6-3 6-3 6-6 6-8 6-9 6-9 6-18 6-22 6-24 6-25 6-32 6-1 Pyong Kiel Park was born in Pyong-An-Do, Korea. He received his BSEE degree from In-Ha University, Korea, in 1962, the MSEE degree from Yon Sei University, Korea, in 1965, and the PhD in electrical engineering from UCLA in 1979. He is a senior staff engineer at Hughes Aircraft Company, Missile Systems Division, which he joined in 1979.

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