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Page iii This book is dedicated to my family all of whom have played such a special role in my lifeMom and Pop, my brothers and sister, my wife Mary, Mary's Mother and Dad, my kids and my grandkids. My life has been spent in baseball, but it was a great family that made everything possible. Page v Contents Acknowledgments vi Foreword by Stan Musial vii 1 Dreams Do Come True 1 2 Growing Up 5 3 In the Minors 23 4 A Major Leaguer 37 5 Baseball, and A Family Too 63 6 A Giant, A Brave, and Another World Series 85 7 Fighting a Disease 103 8 Ending One Career, Starting Another 119 9 The Manager 133 10 Hello Mr.

All of my brothers worked at various jobs, either in town or out on the farms. We used to go out and shuck corn, and we would have to do it until our hands started to bleed. Nobody complained; it was our way of helping out the family. I don't remember Andy playing much baseball, but all of my brothers played and three of themJulius, Elmer and Joeyplayed in the minor leagues. Julius made it all the way to Triple A with the Cardinals, in Columbus, before he quit when he got sent down to a lower level.

I ended up winning 17 games and losing one. Joe Linneman Each CCC camp also had its own boxing team. It was another way to keep the guys occupied so they didn't have much free time. I thought about boxing, but they used those big, old 16-ounce gloves. You could hit pretty good with those things, but you didn't want to get hit by them. I fooled around with it a little bit, but I never got serious about it. Tuesday nights were the nights when everybody got to leave camp and go into town. There was a restaurant in Greenville called the "Dynomite" and the lady that ran it gave all of the CCC guys a break, selling them a malt and a hamburger for 20 cents.

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