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By Mercedes Lackey

With Elspeth, the inheritor to the throne of Valdemar, come of marriageable age, Talia, the Queen's personal bring in returns to court docket to discover Queen and inheritor beset through diplomatic intrigue as a number of forces vie for keep watch over of Elspeth's future.

yet simply as Talia is ready to discover the traitor at the back of a lot of these intrigues, she is shipped off on a undertaking to the neighboring country, selected through the Queen to enquire the price of a wedding idea from Prince Ancar.

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The dusky woman did not even have the grace to blush. She lifted her upturned nose a trifle, then boldly adjusted her dark blue dress over her hips as if to advertise that she had just donned the garment. Sweeping her cloak around her shoulders, she tied the ribbons as she glided toward Toveine, as serene as if she were back in the Tower. 40 Prologue: Snow Toveine grabbed the taller woman’s arm, pulling her a little way from the men. “We may be captives, Gabrelle,” she whispered harshly, “but that is no reason to surrender.

After a moment Dyelin moved as if sleep walking and began fumbling with the buttons down Elayne’s back, muttering to herself in shocked tones. One of the Asha’man by 24 Prologue: Snow the doors snickered. ” Taim snapped, and boots stamped by the doors. Elayne did not know whether he had turned away as well—she was certain she could feel his eyes on her—but suddenly Birgitte was there, and Merilille and Reene, and Zaida, and even Renaile, crowding shoulder-to-shoulder, scowling as they formed a wall between her and the men.

I’ll . . ” Burn her, what could she do? Tell Rand? Let him deal with Taim? Never in life! Nadere eyed her quizzically. “Most men enjoy looking at a woman’s bottom. ” Flushing again, Elayne put her mind on Aviendha. It did nothing to settle her nerves. There were specific things she had been told to think on before the ceremony, and some made her uneasy. Nadere kept her pace to Elayne’s, and Elayne took great care not to let her legs flash through the cloak’s opening—there were servants everywhere—so it took them some little time to reach the room where the Wise Ones were gathered, 26 Prologue: Snow more than a dozen of them in their bulky skirts and white blouses and dark shawls, decked with necklaces and bracelets of gold and silver, gems and ivory, their long hair held back with folded scarves.

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