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By Henry Reed

Contributor note: ahead via Charles Thomas Cayce
Publish yr note: First released in 1988

We all have psychic studies with no even knowing it. you can now harness the facility of your inborn psychic awareness.

In his lifetime, American visionary Edgar Cayce brought millions to the wonders of psychic expertise. Now his conscientiously preserved writings are illuminated by way of recognized psychologist Henry Reed, Ph.D.

In the phrases and spirit of Edgar Cayce, this consultant provides you with the information you must construct a beginning for ESP and liberate the secrets and techniques of heightened expertise, including:
• Psychic sensitivity-a common a part of perception
• routines to improve your psychic intuition
• Experimenting with clairvoyance, telepathic recommendation, and open channeling
• Meditation and spotting the styles that may switch your lifestyles

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These few examples serve to demonstrate that, while sinkholes constitute a signi®cant geohazard in the many parts of the world underlain by limestone and other cavernous rocks, much of the potential geohazard is manageable or controllable if the processes of sinkhole development are fully appreciated. 1 SINKHOLES AND DOLINES Karst is de®ned as a landscape that is distinguished by its underground drainage, so that its landforms evolve in response to rainfall and surface water ¯owing into the ground.

In arctic regions the amount of dissolved calcium carbonate in groundwaters issuing from karst springs varies from 0 to 170 mg/l, compared with 30 to 440 mg/l in humid temperate regions (Drew, 1985). 6 Rocks, dissolution and karst [Ch. 1. The in¯uence of climate on maturity in karst terrains, expressed by the mean rates of surface lowering, excluding dissolutional erosion that takes place underground. All ®gures are generalised to represent data derived from various sources (notably Smith, 1972; BalaÂzs, 1973; BoÈgli, 1980; Ford and Williams, 1989).

Vertical conduits on fracture intersections are potential sites for sinkhole development by soil su€osion into the bedrock. Following the example above, bedrock conduits on a 10-m grid beneath a soil mantle 5 m thick, may develop su€osion sinkholes with side slopes of 30 that are therefore 14 m across ± and these combine to render 100% of the ground liable to potential subsidence. New sinkholes in thick soil mantles constitute the most widespread karst geohazard. A tunnel excavated through a kilometre of mature karst typically meets only a few narrow ®ssures; it is rare that one encounters a large open cave.

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