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By W. Trent Foley, Arthur G. Holder

This quantity includes six of Bede's shorter biblical writings, such a lot of which look the following in translation for the 1st time - On Tobias, at the Resting areas, Thirty questions about the e-book of Kings, On 8 Questions, at the Holy locations and the letter On What Isaiah Says. Taken jointly, they exhibit his remarkable versatility as a biblical exegete.

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Smc. 2 , 7 (CCSL 175: 208,5 - 209, 12) 10 Adamnan De loc. smc. 2,12 (CCSL 175: 21 1,4) 1 1 Ibid. 2, 10 (CCSL 175: 210,35-6); cf. Gen. ) D661 16 BEDE: A BIBLICAL MISCELLANY the sepulchres of the patriarchs. Their heads are oriented northward, and each sepulchre is covered with a single stone which has been hewn in the likeness of a basilica: a white one for each of the three patriarchs, [but one] of apaltrier and cruder workmanshipforAdam who rests notfar from them at thefar northern wall. ’ 2. The hill of Mamre is a mile north of these tombs.

Smac. 3-5). 5 Luke 1:26-8;Adamnan De loc. SNIC. 2 - 219, 16) 6 Adamnan De loc. sanc. 2,27 (CCSL 175: 219,2 - 220,lO) 7 Mark 9:s. Luke 9:33 8 Adamnan De loc. sanc. 2,27 (CCSL 175: 220, 12-18) ON THE HOLY PLACES 23 XVII. CONCERNING THE SITE OF DAMASCUS Damascus is situated on a broad plain and is fortfled with a long circle of walls and numerous towers. Four great rivers flow through it. Here Christians frequent the church of St. John the Baptist, while the king of the Saracens and his own people have erected and consecrated another church for themselves.

S graria 5 , 2 3 and 14,71-80 (LCL 4: 468 and 492-8) 4 Origen, however, claims Scriptural authority for his allegorical method, citing Paul’s use of the word ‘allegory’ in Gal. 5:24 and his allegorical interpretation of Abraham’s sons there (Deprincipiis 4, 2 , 6 , in SC 268: 319-26). xxx BEDE: A BIBLICAL MISCELLANY conviction that the allegorical meaning of Tobias is superior to its literal or historical meaning: ‘Yet anyone who knows how to interpret [Tobias] not just historically, but allegorically, sees that just as fruits surpass [their] leaves this book‘s inner sense surpasses its literal simplicity.

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