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By S. Grovogui

This booklet re-evaluates 'international wisdom' in gentle of contemporary scholarship within the fields of hermeneutics, ethnography, and historiography in regards to the 'non-West', the earlier, and the current of foreign society. It bargains a view of the current within the kind of a critique of Euro-centrism and occidentalist perspectives of the postwar order.

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The first comes from my own fieldwork and psychological studies with a certain sector of mujahedin, or Muslim holy warriors, and their supporters—particularly suicide bombers, their friends and families. The second line of evidence that people are preeminently social actors rather than individual performers comes from my reading of evolutionary biology and human history. Where do these two lines of evidence come together? In the fact that jihad fights with the most primitive and elementary forms of human cooperation, tribal kinship and friendship, in the cause of the most advanced and sophisticated form of cultural cooperation ever created: the moral salvation of humanity.

No,” he said, “but he was only in the jihad a few weeks. ” He nodded sadly. ” Farhin is one of the self-styled “Afghan Alumni” who fought the communists in Afghanistan in the 1980s. He was funneled by the future founder of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), Abdullah Sungkar, to the Abu Sayyaf camp near the Khyber Pass to train with other Indonesian volunteers. There he also studied “Principles of Jihad” (fiqh al-jihad) with Palestinian scholar Abdullah Azzam, Osama Bin Laden’s mentor and originator of the concept of al-qaeda alsulbah (“the strong base,” or revolutionary Muslim vanguard).

But this line of work has its nightmarish moments. My interpreter, Huda, broke my reverie when he told me he’d been questioning a “retired” commander of Laskar Jihad, one of the first outside jihadi groups to come to Poso. ” That was the first time in Indonesia I had gotten that response. ” I asked, aware what the answer would be but hoping it wouldn’t. ” I excused myself to go to the bathroom … and out the back door. It was sundown, and I was silently cursing up a storm for the mess I’d gotten myself into—for the umpteenth time vowing that I’d just stay home and tend my vineyards from now on—when Farhin and Rohan pulled up and I hightailed it out of there.

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