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By E. Remaut, C. Bliki, M. Iturriza-Gomara, K. Keymeulen (auth.), Professor Rosa Margesin, Professor Franz Schinner (eds.)

There is an expanding curiosity of biotechnologists within the capability of cold-adapted organisms, on account that they play a huge position within the procedures of nutrient turnover and first biomass creation in chilly ecosystems. crucial benefits of the applying of such organisms are the quick microbial metabolism at low temperatures, the low activation strength for enzymatic substrate hydrolysis and the low thermostability of enzymes from cold-adapted organisms. advantages is usually deduced from the frost hardiness and frost resistance of cold-adapted vegetation and animals.

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52 On the other hand, the genes encoding transglutaminases have been isolated from various fishes for the production of enzymes by genetic engineering. 4) has been used as a preservative to remove oxygen from foods. 1. 7) inhibit the growth of various bacteria in raw milk. 34,56 The preservative effect of glucose oxidase from Aspergillus niger has been demonstrated. 6), this enzyme improved preservation of shrimp for 10 days at 0-2°C in terms of inhibition of psychrotroph growth and maintenance of sensory factors.

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