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By Robert Dannin

This e-book bargains a accomplished ethnographic research of African-American Muslims. Drawing on hundreds of thousands of interviews performed over a interval of numerous years, Dannin presents an remarkable glance contained in the attention-grabbing and little understood global of black Muslims. He discovers that the well known and cult-like state of Islam represents just a small a part of the image. Many extra African-Americans are interested in Islamic orthodoxy, with its strict adherence to the Qur'an. Dannin takes us to the 1st Cleveland Mosque, the oldest carrying on with Muslim establishment in the United States, directly to a permament Muslim village in Buffalo, after which inside of New York's maximum-security prisons to listen to testimony of the robust charm of Islam for people in determined events. He appears on the aftermath of the assassination of Malcolm X, and the continuing struggle among the kingdom of Islam and orthodox Muslims. Accessibly written, jam-packed with gripping first-hand testimony, and that includes excellent illustrations by way of photographer Jolie Stahl, this booklet would be the top on hand advisor to the ideals and tradition of African-American Muslims.

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Was extended as a verbal greeting between fellow members, along with the accompanying gesture of two raised fingers and right hand across the chest, customarily associated with a Masonic greeting. Although it is difficult to know the extent of Noble Drew Ali’s familiarity with the Holy Quran, he understood the rudiments of Muslim practice, which were evident in an emphasis on the separation of men and women in the temple, observance of the Sabbath on Friday, and daily prayers recited while standing with one’s face to the East.

18 Walker’s abolitionist philosophy reentered the church movement by way of the developing racial consciousness of individuals like Martin Delany, Alexander Crummell, and Henry McNeil Turner. Drawn from his own journeys in the West Indies and Nigeria, Delany began a debate about the ultimate destiny of African Americans that coincided with the great historical events of the century: Emancipation, Civil War, and Reconstruction. 19 Considering the radicalization of the African-American church fathers, it is tempting to assume a significant degree of autonomy from the white Christian denominations altogether.

19 Considering the radicalization of the African-American church fathers, it is tempting to assume a significant degree of autonomy from the white Christian denominations altogether. This is a very controversial point whose examination lies beyond my scope here. However, as African-American mission work in Africa became a reality, further developments showed a will on the part of African-American clergymen to subvert church dogma, not only in its emphasis on Islam as an African religion but also in its demarcation of the African diaspora.

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