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By Sarah Simblet

Following the good fortune of Anatomy for the Artist and comic strip booklet for the Artist, this most up-to-date name from the acclaimed artist Sarah Simblet investigates the extreme constitution and diversity of each kind of plant-from mosses and lichens to plants and trees-and teaches the reader the right way to draw them.

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Sori On the underside of this fern leaf you can see paired rows of coppery red sori, which contain bag-like sporangia. These bags split open when mature and release dust-like reproductive spores. ) Segmented green branches Scaly male fern (Dryopteris affinis) Fern fronds When new fern leaves emerge in spring, they are tightly scrolled (above). In the fall, dying fern leaves become twisted and shed spores from small sacs called sporangia within sori (left). Pairs of sori Giant chain fern (Woodwardia fimbriata) Immature branches The pale stems contain little or no chlorophyll Adventitious roots Rhizome Great horsetail The dagger-sharp shoots of the horsetail have rings of narrow, brush-like, immature vertical branches (above).

As soon as possible I establish the greatest contrasts between rough and smooth, light and dark. All of my drawings are illuminated from top left, because this feels most natural to me, and I can easily visualize it Long, fast marks following contours and quickly changing direction create a sense of movement, which gives life to a subject Fine pale lines can be drawn with a nearly dry pen held upside down Layering different qualities of marks helps to create rough textures 4 Long, fast marks It is important to make some long, fast, sweeping marks in directions that will accentuate the form.

Good light is important when drawing, to see your your own. Calculate a range of dimensions and have several boards cut at subject and the tonality of your work. At home, an anglepoise lamp is very once in a wood yard. Smooth plywood, thick enough not to flex, is ideal. useful for accentuating shadows and form. When drawing outside, sit in the Avoid grainy wood that will jolt drawn lines and indent paper. It is also shade, so you are not blinded by the white of your paper and avoid facing useful to own a portfolio.

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