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By Armen S. Casparian, Gergely Sirokman

This e-book offers the elemental rules of chemistry in a short and transparent presentation. All introductory chemistry themes are mentioned, as are a few natural chemistry subject matters, that are beneficial for a very good starting place to appreciate engineering functions. Readers will locate fast and transparent motives, and plenty of solved difficulties for reference.

summary: This booklet offers the elemental ideas of chemistry in a brief and transparent presentation. All introductory chemistry subject matters are mentioned, as are a few natural chemistry issues, that are worthwhile for a very good beginning to appreciate engineering functions. Readers will locate quickly and transparent factors, and plenty of solved difficulties for reference

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The pressure exerted by a gas increases with temperature, providing the volume is held constant. 1 WHAT IS AN IDEAL GAS? The model or assumptions for an ideal gas is twofold. First, it is assumed that the molecules consist of perfect spheres and they take up no room or volume themselves when compared to the volume of the container they are in (sometimes referred to as excluded volume). The second is that the individual gas molecules do not see or attract one another. 3. ) as well as some commonly encountered gases such as nitrogen and oxygen, the two chief components of air, at or near room temperature and pressure.

4 DALTON’S LAW OF PARTIAL PRESSURES Dalton’s law states that the total pressure exerted by a mixture of gases is equal to the sum of the partial pressures of all the gases in the mixture. Each partial pressure is the pressure that the gas would exert if the other gases were not present. 4) This law is particularly useful when gases are collected in vessels above the surface of an aqueous or nonaqueous solution. In an aqueous solution, the partial pressure of water vapor may be subtracted from the total pressure to help determine the partial pressures of the other gases or vapors present.

The total mass of products is 352 g + 180 g = 532 g. The conservation of mass principle requires that this equality always occurs. 4 SIMPLE STOICHIOMETRY The term “stoichiometry” refers to the mass relationships between two reactants, two products, or, more commonly, a reactant and a product. Stoichiometry depends on a balanced reaction, which is essential in predicting the amount of product generated by a given amount of reactant or, conversely, the amount of reactant required to generate a given amount of product.

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