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Com This has been the White Sox’s springtraining ballpark since 2009. 47 INDEX Allen, Dick, 32 Altrock, Nick, 14 Aparicio, Luis, 28, 29 Appling, Luke, 24 Baines, Harold, 36 Belle, Albert, 39 “Black Sox Scandal,” 5, 18–25, 30 Blum, Geoff, 11 Boddicker, Mike, 36 Buehrle, Mark, 8, 9, 11 Burns, Britt, 36 Busby, Jim, 27, 28 Carrasquel, Chico, 27 Cicotte, Eddie, 17, 19, 21–23 Collins, Eddie, 17, 19 Comiskey Park, 14, 16, 17, 22, 31, 32, 36, 38 Contreras, Jose, 8, 9 Dotson, Richard, 36 Dye, Jermaine, 6, 9, 11 Felsch, “Happy,” 23 Fernandez, Alex, 37 Fisk, Carlton, 35, 36 Fox, Nellie, 27–29 Gamble, Oscar, 33 Gandil, Chick, 19–21, 23, 24 Garcia, Freddy, 8, 9, 11 Garland, Jon, 8, 9 Gleason, William “Kid” (manager), 19 Griffith, Clark (manager), 14 Guillen, Ozzie (player and manager), 5–7, 36, 40 Harrelson, Ken, 36-37 Hermanson, Dustin, 7 Hernandez, Orlando “El Duque,” 8 Himes, Larry, 37 Hoyt, LaMarr, 36 Iguchi, Tadahito, 7 Jackson, “Shoeless” Joe, 17, 19, 21, 23 Jenks, Bobby, 7 Jones, Fielder (manager), 14 Kessinger, Don (manager), 35 Kittle, Ron, 36 Kluszewski, Ted, 31 Konerko, Paul, 8, 10, 40 La Russa, Tony (manager), 6, 33, 35, 36, 37 Lamont, Gene (manager), 38–39 Landrum, Tito, 36 Law, Rudy, 36 Lee, Carlos, 6, 40 Lopez, Al (manager), 28, 30 Luzinski, Greg, 35–36 Lyons, Ted, 24 Manuel, Jerry (manager), 40 Marion, Marty (manager), 28 McDowell, Jack, 37, 39 McMullin, Freddie, 23 Minoso, Minnie, 28 Ordonez, Magglio, 6, 40 Owen, Frank, 14 Pierce, Billy, 28 Podsednik, Scott, 6–7, 10 Richards, Paul (manager), 27, 28 Risberg, “Swede,” 19, 23 Robinson, Eddie, 27 Rothstein, Arnold, 20 Rowland, Clarence (manager), 17 Schalk, Ray, 17, 20 Shaw, Bob, 31 Sullivan, Joseph, 20 Takatsu, Shingo, 6 Thomas, Frank, 37, 38, 39, 40 Thome, Jim, 40 Ventura, Robin, 37 Walsh, “Big Ed,” 14–16 Weaver, Buck, 19, 23 White, Doc, 14 Williams, Claude “Lefty,” 19, 22, 23 Williams, Kenny (player and general manager), 6, 36, 39, 40 Wynn, Early, 30, 31 Zisk, Richie, 33 About the Author George Castle is a lifelong Chicagoan.

Challenge the mighty Yankees The 1959 Sox used the for- again. They had few big run mula of pitching, speed, and producers. But they caught a defense. Aparicio stole an AL- break. The Yankees were ham- leading 56 bases as the leadoff pered by injuries and contract hitter. Fox batted second. He holdouts. 306 and reached 70 RBIs THE GO-GO WHITE SOX 29 Shortstop Luis Aparicio sits atop a dugout at Comiskey Park on September 29, 1959. He is surrounded by young fans who were admitted free to attend a White Sox workout in preparation for the World Series.

Guillen and Williams beat the Orioles 2–1 in Balti- would be better known for other more. But the Sox lost 4–0 in roles—as manager and general Game 2 as Orioles right-hander manager—with the White Sox Mike Boddicker struck out 14. almost two decades later. The series shifted to Comiskey La Russa was fired by Park. The Orioles cruised to an general manager Ken “Hawk” 36 CHICAGO WHITE SOX LaMarr Hoyt pitches in 1983. The AL Cy Young Award winner helped the White Sox reach the postseason for the first time since 1959.

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