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By Frank Cottrell Boyce

Everyone’s favourite flying motor vehicle shifts into one other size because the intrepid Tooting family members zooms backward and forward via time.

When the Tootings go back to Zobrowski Terrace on the finish of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies back, they locate that "home" is calling much like Jurassic Park. yet this is often no topic park — a truly genuine and intensely hungry T. rex is charging them! due to Dad’s inadvertent yanking of Chitty’s "Chronojuster" lever, the lively automobile has ushered them again to prehistoric instances, the place the kin (and specifically child Harry) make a slim get away. yet Chitty has a brain of her personal, and the Tootings gets an unforeseen travel of fascinating occasions and areas from Prohibition-era manhattan (where Chitty desires to compete within the recognized Prix d’Esmerelda’s Birthday Cake race) to the misplaced urban of El Dorado and again back, with misadventures and shock stowaways alongside the way in which. prepare for a hilarious high-flying event, with celebrated writer Frank Cottrell Boyce at the back of the wheel.

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In fact, I’m not even the finest piano player in this doorway,” said Count Basie. ” “Count Zborowski,” said the Duke. “Duke,” said the Count. ” “Duke,” said Count Basie, “have you not heard? ” “With a driver of such skill, my money is safe,” said the Duke. “As a matter of fact,” said the Count, “I wasn’t driving. It was my young friend Jem Tooting here. ” “Well, friends, here we have an excellent reason to celebrate,” said Count Basie. ” “Oh! ” said Lucy. All the other Tootings stared at her.

Or talking newts,” said Dad. ” “Newts that talk. It could happen. ” Lucy’s phone rang, playing an annoyingly perky tune. ” gasped Lucy. “Phones won’t be invented for a couple hundred thousand years. Electricity hasn’t been invented yet. ” But the phone kept ringing. Louder and louder. ” said Lucy. “Hellllllooooooo,” purred a female voice. “We seem to have missed you in traffic. ” Lucy froze. It was the voice of Nanny. The Nanny of notorious international supervillain Tiny Jack. The Nanny who just a few days ago had tried to steal Chitty and feed the children to Tiny Jack’s hungry piranhas.

Its nostrils were a pair of wet, grungy bin lids; its eye, a tiny, twitchy rivet. Maybe it won’t see us, thought Jem. But just as he thought that, those bin-lid nostrils twitched. They closed up. They opened again. The tyrannosaur had sniffed, and its sniff was so powerful that every leaf and branch rattled and Lucy’s hair went flying round her head. It was sniffing for food. It had definitely sniffed out the Tootings. “Fascinating,” said Lucy. ” said Jem. ” There was a sound like the sound that a house might make if someone picked it up and dropped it from a great height.

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