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Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–2): R. R. A. Coombs
Chapter 2 The Immune reaction to Parasites (pages 4–19): Sydney Cohen
Chapter three Genetics of Antigenic version in Paramecium: A version process (pages 21–33): G. H. Beale
Chapter four Antigenic edition and Immunity to Malaria (pages 35–51): ok. N. Brown
Chapter five Antigenic version in African Trypanosomes (pages 53–80): Keith Vickerman
Chapter 6 Antigenic version within the Nematode Nippostrongylus brasiliensis (pages 81–100): Bridget M. Ogilvie
Chapter 7 Immunological Spectra in Infectious ailments (pages 101–122): J. L. Turk and A. Belehu
Chapter eight Immunodepression Produced through Malarial an infection in Mice (pages 123–135): Nina Wedderburn
Chapter nine Immunosuppression in Malaria and Trypanosomiasis (pages 137–159): B. M. Greenwood
Chapter 10 Host Antigens and the Immune reaction in Schistosomiasis (pages 161–183): J. A. Clegg
Chapter eleven Soluble Antigens as blockading Antigens (pages 185–203): R. J. M. Wilson
Chapter 12 Interactions in vitro among Toxoplasma gondii and Mouse Cells (pages 205–223): James G. Hirsch, Thomas C. Jones and Lucille Len
Chapter thirteen Survival and demise of Leishmania in Macrophages (pages 225–241): J. Mauel, R. Behin, Biroum Noerjasin and J. J. Doyle
Chapter 14 Modulation of Immunopathology in Schistosomiasis (pages 243–261): Kenneth S. Warren
Chapter 15 Conclusions (pages 263–272):

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33-34, Karger, Basel S . (1973) Movement of lymphocyte surface antigens and receptors: RAFF,M. C. & DE PETRIS, the fluid nature of the lymphocyte plasma membrane and its immunological significance. Fed. Proc. 32, 48-54 SOMMERL’ILLE, J. (1970) Serotype expression in Paramecium. Adv. Miruohiol. Physiol. 4 , 131 Parasites in the Immunized Host:mechanisms of survival Ciba Foundation Cowriaht 0 1974 Ciba Foundation Antigenic variation and immunity to malaria K. N. BROWN National Institute for Medical Research, London At least two levels of antigenic diversity are known in erythrocytic plasmodia1 infections : differences among strains, and intrastrain variation.

Parasitology 64, 117-127 REMINGTON, J. , MELTON,M. L. & JACOBS,L. (1961) Induced and spontaneous recurrent parasitaemia in chronic infections with avirulent strains of Toxoplasmagondii. J. Immunol. 87, 578-581 RUSSELL, H. (1936) Observations on immunity in relapsing fever and trypanosomiasis. Trans. R. Trop. Med. Hyg. 30, 179-190 SHARON, N . & HALINA,L. (1972) Lectins: cell-agglutinating and sugar-specific proteins Science (Wash. ) 177, 949-959 SHEARER, G. , MOZES,E. & SELA,M. (1972) Contribution of different cell types to the genetic control of immune responses as a function of the chemical nature of the polymeric side chains (poly-L-prolyl and poly-DL-alanyl) of synthetic immunogens.

Under appropriate conditions (assuming a suitable genotype) all cells change from one antigenic type to another. There is no selection, and we have no evidence that the change is adaptively related to the new temperature. Furthermore, in certain circumstances we can maintain several different types at one temperature, in separate cultures. In my view there is no evidence for the selective advantage of one type over another. Warren: The temperature of the host does not remain constant in malaria, of course; fever occurs with each paroxysm and might induce an antigenic change, if a mechanism of this sort exists in Plasmodium.

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