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Chapter 1 Chairman's creation (page 1): S. Brenner
Chapter 2 The constitution and homes of a Compartment Border: the Intersegmental Boundary in Oncopeltus (pages 3–23): Peter A. Lawrence
Chapter three development Formation in Ciliary Organelle platforms of Ciliated Protozoa (pages 25–49): Joseph Frankel
Chapter four Feather trend improvement (pages 51–70): Philippe Sengel
Chapter five Regeneration and Duplication in Imaginal Discs (pages 71–93): Peter J. Bryant
Chapter 6 Morphogenesis of the Vertebrate Limb (pages 95–130): L. Wolpert, J. Lewis and D. Summerbell
Chapter 7 improvement a1 Programming for Retinotectal styles (pages 131–159): R. Kevin Hunt
Chapter eight Genetic keep watch over of Wing Disc improvement in Drosophila (pages 161–182): A. Garcia?Bellido
Chapter nine research of mobile interplay and Deployment within the Early Mammalian Embryo utilizing Interspecific Chimaeras among the Rat and Mouse (pages 183–200): R. L. Gardner and M. H. Johnson
Chapter 10 keep watch over Circuits for selection and Transdetermination: reading Positional info in a Binary Epigenetic Code (pages 201–221): Stuart Kauffman
Chapter eleven makes an attempt to examine the Biochemical foundation of local variations in Animal Eggs (pages 223–239): J. B. Gurdon
Chapter 12 development Specification within the Insect Embryo (pages 241–263): Klaus Sander
Chapter thirteen the advance of Neuronal Connection styles within the visible structures of bugs (pages 265–288): I. A. Meinertzhagen
Chapter 14 Topography and Topology in useful restoration of Regenerated Sensory and Motor structures (pages 289–313): R. F. Mark
Chapter 15 A Molecular method of Retinotectal Specificity (pages 315–341): Richard B. Marchase, Anthony J. Barbera and Stephen Roth
Chapter sixteen final comments: The Genetic Outlook (pages 343–345): S. Brenner

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For definition of E, and Ed, see Figure 2 and the text. Abscissae and upper set of ordinates (for distribution of E,) are the same as in Figure 6. For further explanation, see text. MICROSURGICAL ANALYSIS OF POSITIONING OF CIRRI We should like to be able to test the above hypotheses by investigating regulation of pattern following microsurgical alteration, but unfortunately E. minuta is a small ciliate, as the species name indicates. Of the ciliates with a body-plan related to that of Euplotes, the large and slow urostylids are the best suited for microsurgical investigation.

Biol. 45,439-481 FRANKEL, FRANKEL,J. (19746) Analysis of the spatial distribution of basal bodies in a ciliate. J. Emhryol. Exp. , in press. GOODWIN, B. C. , and Jurasic, N. K. eds), pp. , Dordrecht. HAMMOND, D. M. (1937) The neuromotor system of Euplotespatellu during binary fission and conjugation. Q. J . Microsc. Sci. 79, 507-557 HECKMANN, K. & FRANKEL, J. (1968) Genic control of cortical pattern in Euplotes. J . Exp. ZOO^. 168, 11-38 HUFNAGEL, L. A. & TORCH,R. (1967) Iiitraclonal dimorphism of caudal cirri in Euplotes vannus: cortical determination.

Thus I think it fair to say that there is no definitive information about any kind of spatial mosaic other than that formed by the ciliary units and other surface structures. References BEISSON,J. & SONNEBORN, T. M. (1965) Cytoplasmic inheritance of the organization of the cell cortex in Paramecium aurelia. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A . 53, 275-282 COHEN,L. W. (1964) Diurnal intracellular differentiation in Paramecium bursaria. Exp. Cell Res. 36, 398-406 FRANKEL, J . (1973) A genically determined abnormality in the number and arrangement of basal bodies in a ciliate.

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