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Chapter 1 Chairman's starting feedback (pages 1–2): D. J. Weatherall
Chapter 2 mobile Kinetics of Erythropoiesis (pages 3–24): R. Schofield and L. G. Lajtha
Chapter three law of Fetal and grownup Erythropoiesis (pages 25–47): Cesare Peschle and Mario Condorelli
Chapter four Embryonic Erythropoiesis: a few Experimental platforms (pages 49–67): V. M. Ingram
Chapter five Oxygen Dissociation stories of purple Cells from chook, Mouse and Human Embryos (pages 69–88): E. R. Huehns and A. M Farooqui
Chapter 6 Diamond?Blackfan Anaemia (pages 89–101): R. M. Hardisty
Chapter 7 Fanconi Anaemia (pages 103–114): M. E. J. Beard
Chapter eight Fanconi Anaemia: mobile Abnormalities and medical Predisposition to Malignant sickness (pages 115–134): Michael Swift
Chapter nine Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anaemia kind I: scientific and Experimental features (pages 135–149): Hermann Heimpel
Chapter 10 Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anaemia sort II (Hempas) (pages 151–170): R. L. Verwilghen
Chapter eleven Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anaemias: Electron Microscopy (pages 171–203): S. M. Lewis and B. Frisch
Chapter 12 Pathophysiology of the Anaemia in Thalassaemia (pages 205–220): David G. Nathan and Edward J. Benz
Chapter thirteen The Morphology and Kinetics of Erythropoiesis in Homozygous ??Thalassaemia (pages 221–243): S. N. Wickramasinghe
Chapter 14 The Molecular illness in Thalassaemia (pages 245–260): J. B. Clegg
Chapter 15 Cytogenetics of Fanconi Anaemia and comparable Chromosome issues (pages 261–306): P. E. Polani
Chapter sixteen Fetal Haemoglobin Synthesis (pages 307–328): D. J. Weatherall
Chapter 17 legislation of Globin Gene Expression (pages 329–394): Arthur W. Nienhuis, Jane E. Barker, Albert Deisseroth and W. French Anderson
Chapter 18 Concluding comments (pages 395–396): D. J. Weatherall

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1967) indicated that in the biogenesis of Ep a renal erythropoietic factor (REF), also termed erythrogenin, interacts with a normal serum component. In anephric rats, subtotal hepatectomy abolishes almost completely the Ep response to hypoxia (Fried 1972; Peschle et al. 1973; Schooley & Mahlmann 1974a), thus indicating that the liver is the main site of extrarenal Ep production. In line with these findings, elevated concentrations of erythrogenin have been observed in hepatic and splenic homogenates from nephrectomized animals subjected to hypoxia (Peschle et al.

Magnification, x 75. Our evidence suggests that the RES is associated with extrarenal production of Ep. In anephric rats, we demonstrated a clear-cut correlation between hyperplasia of RES and potentiation of the Ep response to hypoxia. Thus, colloidal carbon and zymosan induced proliferation of the RES (Table 2 and Fig. 8) and enhanced extrarenal Ep production (Tables 3 and 4), but gadolinium had no effect on both variables (Tables 2 and 5). As subtotal hepatectomy abolishes the Ep response to hypoxia in anephric rats (Fried 1972), we may further postulate that Kupffer cells play a major role in the biogenesis of extrarenal Ep.

Exp. Biol. Med. C. Y. (1972) Hematopoiesis and the colony-forming-unit in First International Conference on Hematopoiesis. Regulation of Erythropoiesis (Gordon, A. S . , Condorelli, M. ), p. C. J. (1972) Erythropoietin production in the anephric rat. I. Relationship between nephrectorny, time of hypoxic exposure, and erythropoietin production. C. & MAHLMANN, L. J. (1974~)Extrarenal erythropoietin production by the liver in the weanling rat. Proc. Exp. Biol. Med. C. J. (19746) Hepatic erythropoietin production in the leadpoisoned rat.

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