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Chapter 1 Chairman's starting comments (pages 1–6): R. F. Sognnaes
Chapter 2 the importance of Epidemiological experiences with regards to Caries Resistance (pages 7–40): G. N. Davies
Chapter three Heredity on the subject of Caries Resistance (pages 41–65): Sidney B. Finn
Chapter four The Distribution of Caries Resistance in terms of teeth Surfaces (pages 66–85): Otto Backer Dirks
Chapter five Caries Resistance in Experimental Animals (pages 87–120): Klaus G. Konig
Chapter 6 Caries Resistance as on the topic of the Chemistry of the tooth (pages 121–148): Finn Brudevold, Harold G. Mccann and Poul Gron
Chapter 7 The actual positive aspects of Caries?Resistant the teeth (pages 149–168): A. I. Darling
Chapter eight The Ultrastructure of Caries?Resistant enamel (pages 169–191): Robert M. Frank
Chapter nine The Equilibrium among Plaque and teeth in terms of Caries Resistance (pages 192–221): G. N. Jenkins
Chapter 10 Dental Caries and hint components (pages 222–241): J. L. Hardwick
Chapter eleven The Bacteriology of Caries Resistance (pages 242–265): Marshall L. Snyder
Chapter 12 The position of Saliva in Caries Resistance (pages 266–288): S. Wah Leung
Chapter thirteen nutritional and Environmental components Influencing Caries Resistance (pages 289–324): R. L. Hartles
Chapter 14 remaining feedback (pages 325–327): R. F. Sognnaes

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Ann. Dent. (Bnlfimore),3, 77. EPIDEMIOLOGICAL S T U D I E S A N D C A R I E S R E S I S T A N C E 31 MUMMERY, C. F. (1948). Brit. I. 8 4, %. NEUMANN, H. , and DI SALVO,N. A. (1958). Brit. d e t k ] . , 104, 13. NIKIPORUK, G . (1961). Zn Caries Symposium Zurich, p. 62, ed. ,and Konig, K. G. Bern: Hans Huber. H. (1963). /. dent. , 0,1276. P m , G. , and P m , J. B. (1954). Brit. , 183. PICKERILL, H. P. (1912). The Prevention of Dental Caries and Oral Sepsis. London: Baillitre, T i n u & COX. PICKBRILL, H.

1956]. J. dent. , 35,786). Caries-ResistantTeeth G . E. W. Wolstenholme i3 Maeve 0 COflnOr Copyright 01965 Ciba Foundation HEREDITY IN RELATION TO CARIES RESISTANCE SIDNEYB. FINN Department of Pedodontics, University ofAlabama Medical Center, Birmingham, Alabama A SYMPOSIUM concerned with the resistance ofthe teeth to dental caries should consider the relative influence of genetic factors. Accumulating evidence indicates that there is a genetic component which is expressed by as yet unknown means but which, nevertheless, governs the total caries attack within the individual mouth.

It is high time that the argument, which has persisted for about 50 years, was resolved. A properly conducted longitudinal clinical study is required and we need to develop objective, reliable and reproducible clinical methods for the assessment of the colour and surface roughness of teeth in v i v a The use of a Profilometer which measures s d c e irregularities in micro-inches, as was doneby Stoller (1963),may have a possible clinicalapplication. The high prevalence of caries in deciduousincisorsin the remote Pacific atoll of Pukapuka (Davies, 19560) was most apparent in upper deciduous incisors, and was associated with structural defects in enamel, subsequently confirmed by histological examination of extracted teeth to result from defectivematrix formation, defective calcification, or both.

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