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By G.E.W. & Knight, Julie Wolstenholme

Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–6): J. C. Beck
Chapter 2 contemporary wisdom of the Chemistry of Lactogenic Hormones (pages 7–26): Choh Hao Li
Chapter three The constitution and serve as of Human Placental Lactogen (pages 27–51): Louis M. Sherwood, Stuart Handwerger and William D. McLaurin
Chapter four legislation of the Synthesis and liberate of Prolactin (pages 53–82): Robert M. MacLeod and Joyce E. Lehmeyer
Chapter five The Synthesis and Secretion of Placental Lactogen and Pituitary Prolactin (pages 83–110): H. Friesen, C. Belanger, H. Gwyda and P. Hwang
Chapter 6 Molecular organic facets of Prolactin (pages 111–135): Roger W. Turkington
Chapter 7 Physiological and Pathological Secretion of Human Prolactin Studied through in vitro Bioassay (pages 137–150): Andrew G. Frantz, David L. Kleinberg and Gordon L. Noel
Chapter eight Use of a Rabbit Mammary Gland Organ tradition process to notice Lactogenic task in Blood (pages 151–167): Isabel A. Forsyth
Chapter nine size of Prolactin job in Human Serum by way of the Induction of particular Milk Proteins in vitro: ends up in a number of scientific problems (pages 169–196): Roger W. Turkington
Chapter 10 The Concentrations of Human Prolactin in Plasma Measured by way of Radioimmunoassay: Experimental and Physiological alterations (pages 197–206): Gillian D. Bryant and Frederick C. Greenwood
Chapter eleven the discharge of Prolactin and different Peptide Hormones from Human Anterior Pituitary Tissue Cultures (pages 207–224): Theresa M. Siler, L. L. Morgenstern and F. C. Greenwood
Chapter 12 Immunoassay of Human Placental Lactogen: Physiological experiences in general and irregular being pregnant (pages 223–239): William N. Spellacy
Chapter thirteen Morphology of Prolactin Secretion (pages 241–255): J. L. Pastebls
Chapter 14 Secretion of Prolactin and development Hormone by means of Adenohypophyses of Rhesus Monkeys in vitro (pages 257–268): Charles S. Nicoll
Chapter 15 Tissue tradition of Human Hypophyses: facts of a particular Prolactin in guy (pages 269–286): J. L. Pasteels
Chapter sixteen Immunofluorescence reports at the Adenohypophysis in being pregnant (pages 287–297): J. Swanson Beck
Chapter 17 at the activities of Prolactin one of the Vertebrates: Is There a typical Denominator? (pages 299–324): Charles S. Nicoll and Howard A. Bern
Chapter 18 Hypothalamic regulate of Prolactin Secretion (pages 325–347): Joseph Meites
Chapter 19 Plasma Prolactin job in sufferers with Galactorrhoea After remedy with Psychotropic medicinal drugs (pages 349–359): M. Apostolakis, S. Kapetanakis, G. Lazos and A. Madena?Pyrgaki
Chapter 20 organic results of Non?Primate Prolactin and Human Placental Lactogen (pages 361–402): E. E. McGarry and J. C. Beck
Chapter 21 Conclusions (pages 403–404): J. C. Beck

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Greenwood: I find the existence of cyanogen bromide fragments of HPL and HGH with full activity in an in uitro assay incredible. You then have to postulate that the tissue receptor site is going to reassemble the molecule, if there is a requirement for a significant tertiary structure. It may simply be that there is a large HPL sequence after cyanogen bromide treatment which is active. Do you oxidize with performic acid first? Sherwood: We are testing the cyanogen-bromide cleaved and performicoxidized material now, to find out which fiagment or fragments retains lactogenic activity.

Fractions were analysed for optical density at 280 nm and at 570 nm after alkaline hydrolysis and reaction with ninhydrin. 2. Separation of CsA and CSB on Sephadex G s o after cleavage of the disulphide bond of Cs with performic acid. z~-ammoniumformate buffer @H 2 ' 8). 250 S T R U C T U R E OF H P L 31 Edman degradation Sequentialdegradation of individual peptides was done by a modlfication of the method of Edman (1950) as published by Elzinga (1970). Peptides ranging in size from three to twelve residues were generally subjected to an average of six to eight cycles, although in some instances it was possible to remove up to ten amino acids.

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