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By Alexander J. Dunning

This paintings unites the strategies of laser cooling and matter-wave interferometry to boost an interferometric laser cooling strategy in an experimental procedure of chilly rubidium atoms. Serving as an advent to graduate point coherent optical atomic manipulation, the thesis describes the idea of encouraged Raman transitions and atom interferometry, in addition to the experimental tools for getting ready and manipulating chilly atoms, prior to construction on those foundations to discover adapted optical pulse sequences and novel atomic cooling techniques.

Interferometric cooling, initially proposed via Weitz and Hänsch in 2000, relies upon the coherent broadband laser pulses of Ramsey interferometry and in precept permits laser cooling of atomic and molecular species outdoors the scope of conventional Doppler laser cooling. at the course towards cooling, composite pulses – quantum mistakes correction tools, built via chemists to mitigate the consequences of in homogeneities in NMR spectroscopy – are investigated so one can bettering the functionality of atom interferometers.

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2. A resonant pulse (δ−δ AC = 0), as shown in Fig. 2a, exhibits (for φ L = 0) a field vector along the x axis. The Bloch vector therefore traces out a great circle in the y–z plane at an angular frequency ˜ R = R . An off-resonant pulse (a) (b) (c) (a) (b) (c) Fig. 0. In all cases φ L = 0. Bottom The excited state population as a function of the normalised atom-laser interaction time for the parameters given in the upper plots. 2 The Bloch Sphere Picture 23 Fig. 3 Bloch sphere plots showing the initial Bloch vector (blue arrow), the field vector (red arrow), and the rotation trajectory of the Bloch vector (blue dots), for resonant (δ − δ AC = 0) pulses with a laser phase φ L = 0, b φ L = π/4, and c φ L = π/2.

Schiemann, K. Bergmann, Population transfer between molecular vibrational levels by stimulated Raman scattering with partially overlapping laser fields. A new concept and experimental results. J. Chem. Phys. 92, 5363 (1990) 4. B. Young, M. Kasevich, S. Chu, Precision Atom Interferometry with Light Pulses, ed. by P. Berman. Atom Interferometry, Chap. 9 (1997) pp. 363–406 5. F. Ramsey, A molecular beam resonance method with separated oscillating fields. Phys. Rev. Online Archive (Prola) 78, 695 (1950) 6.

Each laser is frequencystabilised via pump-probe frequency modulation spectroscopy (FMS) in a rubidium vapour cell. D. thesis [3]. 2 Beam Switching We require the ability to switch the MOT beams on and off quickly, and to control their individual intensities during experiments. This is achieved by a series of acoustooptical modulators (AOMs). An AOM consists of a transparent crystal through which, upon application of an oscillating voltage to a piezo stack, an acoustic wave is passed. e. 2 MOT Lasers 43 Fig.

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