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By Heather Bowe, Kylie Martin, Howard Manns

Conversation throughout Cultures is still a very good source for college students of linguistics and similar disciplines, together with anthropology, sociology and schooling. it's also a precious source for pros interested in language and intercultural communique during this worldwide period.

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Managing knowledge 49 The Impact of Organisational Culture on Knowledge Management is no different from managing other aspects of an organisation: firstly, there must be a vision that links with the organisation’s objectives and strategies; secondly, people must be aligned with that vision; and thirdly, the alignment must be from the top down and across the organisation. It is critical for a knowledge management programme to be based on an organisation’s processes and activities to ensure that knowledge is optimised to build the critical capabilities of the organisation.

There are many examples of measuring individuals’ performance in knowledge management programmes, and each of these would be different in different organisations, as the goals and objectives of the knowledge management programme in each organisation will differ. The behaviour and culture of the individuals in the organisation will also differ and therefore the measurements will be suited to adapt to these in each specific organisation. Once again it can be seen that there is no real way to have a knowledge management implementation blueprint, due to the diversity of cultural aspects in the organisation having such a huge impact on the knowledge management programme.

Knowledge management facilitates knowledge integration through creation of knowledge sharing platforms such as intranets, communities of practice, and centres of excellence. 57 The Impact of Organisational Culture on Knowledge Management It also facilitates knowledge sharing through its knowledge management business process value chain. If these components of the knowledge management programme are not in place, knowledge sharing will not take place effectively. Organisations with silo-based knowledge sharing behaviour therefore already show behaviour of a lack of integration, a lack of usage of the knowledge management business process value chain and a lack of effective usage of knowledge management platforms.

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