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By R.P. Johnson(auth.)

Content material:
Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–19):
Chapter 2 Shear Connection (pages 20–43):
Chapter three Simply?Supported Composite Slabs and Beams (pages 44–121):
Chapter four non-stop Beams and Slabs, and Beams in Frames (pages 122–169):
Chapter five Composite Columns and Frames (pages 170–213):

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17. 17 Longitudinal strains at mid-span CSOC02 38 25/07/2005, 4:30 PM Shear connection 39 is much less than the slip strain at the interface, 104 × 10−6. 8 N/mm2, a change of 5%. This higher stress is 43% of the cube strength, so the assumption of elastic behaviour is reasonable. 13. Integration of curvatures along the beam shows that the increase in deflection, due to slip, is also about 13%. The effects of slip on deflection are found in practice to be less than is implied by this example, because here a rather low value of connector modulus has been used and the effect of bond has been neglected.

It is assumed in current CSOC02 41 25/07/2005, 4:31 PM 42 Composite Structures of Steel and Concrete codes that the ratio Ap /bLs has little influence on its ultimate value, so vertical shear failures are represented by a horizontal line. However, Patrick & Bridge [27] have shown that this should be a rising curve, (3) in Fig. 21. 32) as shown by AB on Fig. 21, where m and k are constants to be determined by testing. 32 is one of the two methods given in EN 1994-1-1. 2. The present method is similar to one that has been widely used for several decades [19], known as the ‘m–k method’.

5, provide a simple example. AB is supported on CD and carries distributed loading. It can easily be shown by elastic theory that if the flexural rigidity of AB exceeds about one-tenth of that of CD, then the whole of the load on AB is transferred to CD at points A and B, with separation of the beams between these points. If AB were connected to CD, there would be uplift forces at mid-span. Almost all connectors used in practice are therefore so shaped that they provide resistance to uplift as well as to slip.

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