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By Dorothea Schulz

Rated one of the world's ten poorest international locations, Mali has a wonderful earlier and a less-certain current. Culture and Customs of Mali touches at the first as history for figuring out the second one, exploring a number of aspects of up to date social existence and cultural practices during this landlocked, West African nation.

The booklet bargains an outline of numerous elements of daily social, cultural, and non secular existence in Mali, paying specific consciousness to nearby and ethnic diversifications. It exhibits how present social conventions and cultural values are the made of a centuries-long heritage, whereas even as dispels the typical conception that African societies are rooted in unchanging culture. Readers will come away with a greater figuring out of the a number of ways that Malians, ranging from their very own customs and cultural foundations, combine themselves into a world fiscal order and a globalized global of shared media photos and cultural practices.

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Traore became president of the CMLN; Diakite became chief of state yet was soon replaced byTraore. Accused of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor, Diakite died under doubtful circumstances in a prisoners' working camp in 1973. Traore, now head of state, also eliminated other political competitors and critics, such as Malik Diallo, another member of the CMLN. The CMLN was composed of 14 former graduates from the military school, all of them from very modest educational backgrounds and totally inexperienced in administrative and economic matters.

The second reformist movement of wider regional importance was led by SekuAmadu Bari, who founded the theocratic state ofMacina, in the middle delta of the Niger River after his victory over the Segu polity in 1818. The reformist endeavor with the most far-reaching consequences for the spread and practice of Islam in Mali's southern triangle was that of the scholar El Hadj Umar Tall, who transformed his project of returning to the proper teachings oflslam into a military jihad. Born in the Futa Toro (northern Senegal and southeastern Mauritania) into a Tukulor family, El Hadj Umar Tall RELIGION AND WORLDVIEW 29 studied in the Futa Jalon (present-day Guinea) and became a practitioner of the Tijaniyya Sufi path.

Central elements of Islam, as they have been practiced and taught in the surroundings of present-day Mali since the early 20th century, testify to the successful incorporation of Islam into established local religious ideas and notions of the transcendental world. Most notably, people found it easy to find a correspondence for their belief in occult forces in the angels and demons, for which Islam makes ample room. Since their arrival in this part of the Muslim world, mystical traditions oflslam, as they are represented by Sufi orders, have enjoyed great popularity throughout West Mrica.

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