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3 Ramsar sites and World Heritage properties in Mediterranean countries. A List of Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance that are also inscribed (all or partly) on the World Heritage List under the UNESCO Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. An asterisk (*) denotes World Heritage Sites that are not fully contiguous with the Ramsar site. The following points should be noted: – All 25 Mediterranean countries have Ramsar sites (362 in total). – Only eight of these 362 sites have been designated a World Heritage Property.

Castoriadis, C. (1984), Crossroads in the Labyrinth, Hassocks: Harvester Press. Fall, J. and Andrian, G. (2004), Experiment and adjust: tracing changes in the definition of boundaries in biosphere reserves, Gazzetta Ambiente, 4, 25-29. H. (2007), Protected Areas Initiatives and Local Governments: Interpreting Discourses and Development, Masters thesis presented at the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Freiburg, Germany. Mayor, F. (1997), UNESCO, An Ideal in Action. The Continuing Relevance of a Visionary Text, Paris: UNESCO Publishing.

Thus, a list of Mediterranean wetland sites exemplifying multiple values should be compiled which attempts to achieve an equitable balance of wetland type and situation, geographic distribution and management structure. Once such a list is established, the conservation status of the sites in relation both to their natural and cultural heritage should be assessed and correlated with the management practices being applied to each. Finally, improvement measures should be proposed which take into account the Ramsar Guidance on Culture and Wetlands and are adapted to the specifics of each site.

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