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By Erlend Moksness; E Kjørsvik; Yngvar Olsen

Content material: 1. creation / The Editors -- 2. Abiotic components / B.R. Howell and S.M. Baynes -- three. Microbial Interactions, Prophylaxis and illnesses / O. Vadstein, T.A. Mo and O. Bergh -- four. reside meals expertise of Cold-Water Marine Fish Larvae / Y. Olsen -- five. Brood inventory and Egg creation / D. Pavlov ... [et al.] -- 6. From Fertilisation to the tip of Metamorphosis : practical improvement / E. Kjorsvik, okay. Pittman and D. Pavlov -- 7. First Feeding expertise / Y. Olsen, T. van der Meeren and K.I. Reitan -- eight. Weaning and Nursery / J. Stoss, ok. Hamre and H. Ottera -- nine. On-Growing to industry dimension / M. Jobling -- 10. The prestige and views for the Species / T. Svasand ... [et al.] -- eleven. Marine inventory Enhancement and Sea-Ranching / T. Svasand and E. Moksness -- 12. New Species in Aquaculture : a few simple monetary elements / R. Engelsen ... [et al.]

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The surface of the gills is a natural habitat for bacteria. Phagocytosis by macrophages occurs in the gills, and thus bacteria may be phagocytosed in this organ. Furthermore, the gill is an important organ of antigen uptake, particularly of particulate antigens such as vaccines. The intestine of fish is a natural habitat for bacteria, and many are useful to the fish. 1 Symbiotic relationships between microorganisms and their host. Such relationships are highly dynamic, and shifts among them may occur due to shifts at the community level.

The most important group, in terms of effects from toxins, is the Dinophyta. Many different dinoflagellate species may produce blooms, but only about a dozen produce toxins. In some species, toxins may be produced only if there is some imbalance in the nutrients in the water, such as a phosphate depletion. Significant fish kills or contamination of fish as a result of HABs have tended to be in warm temperate coastal waters, but some of the species involved occur in cold temperate waters, and if conditions prove suitable HABs could develop.

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