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By Mary L. Cipriano

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Though he was not formally educated, he translated a book on auto-suggestion before leaving to study at the Sorbonne in Paris. Sc. in applied physics. His thesis involved the development of the instrument that he and his col­ league used for the first fission experiments. After Moshe fled from France to Britain in World War II, he joined the British Admiralty and participated in submarine detec­ tion research. During this time, doctors recommended he operate on the knee he had injured playing soccer as a young man.

Ida was calling the shots from her rocking chair as three Rolfers worked on me. I had made up my mind that I would handle any­ thing they could put out. I stayed with them, putting all my awareness under their fingers so pain was not a problem. After they finished, I went out on the porch and had a cup of tea. Half­ way through the cup, I began to sob uncontrollably. Ida heard and brought me back into class where she worked on me for some time but could not ease the sobbing. She told a physician to take me to my motel room, lock me in, and take my car keys.

She had been telling him for three months that his work was too superficial. The poor guy just could not get the message. I guess Ida thought it was her last chance, and she was really heavy. " Ida spoke up quickly, "That goes for me, too. " I said, "By God, I can do something about it," and left. I was the only person I know of ever to walk out of Idas class. Ida said that it took a practitioner at least five years after his training to know what he was doing. " Ida had considered at length the implications of sending new practitioners out to use her name and process bodies.

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