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By J. Smith, Andre Moncourt

In 1970 a small workforce of West German revolutionaries made up our minds to head underground, to establish secure homes, and examine the talents of the city guerilla. They have been the pink military Faction.Seven years later, just about all of the unique warring parties have been in criminal or useless, but, via their instance, they'd encouraged a militant and unlawful help circulation, comrades keen to soak up fingers in security of the prisoners.1977 used to be to be a yr of reckoning. via bold assaults and devastating mistakes, the West German guerilla introduced their society to the edge, mounting the most determined and significant campaigns of asymmetrical battle ever waged in postwar Europe. That they failed is not any excuse not to examine their tale, to determine who they have been and what they fought for ?– and, such a lot tragically, to undergo witness to the lengths the kingdom might visit silence them. This pamphlet is our very modest creation to this tale.

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Cit, p. 43. ” It took almost two years after the events of October 1977 before the RAF could mount its next attack. During that time, many of the fighters who had carried out the ’77 campaign were captured. Some were killed. Still others made themselves scarce, fleeing to the Middle East and from there to the German Democratic Republic—East Germany—where the “communist” secret service provided them with new identities. This would blow up in the guerilla’s face years later when the East German regime crumbled and almost all of these veterans would eventually cooperate with the new unified German state, helping it to hunt down their former comrades.

This is not a matter of saying the guerilla’s actions were unpopular—that goes without saying, even regarding their successful actions—but rather that even the minority who did identify with the RAF found itself overtaken by the force of events. Finally, the decision to enlist the aid of a Third World liberation movement must be viewed as a serious error. The PFLP had pioneered skyjackings in the late 1960s, and was rooted in a legitimate struggle in which neither combatants nor non-combatants could be shielded from violence.

While the details of what happened that night may never be known, and the state’s story cannot be 100% disproven, even taken at face value all the state’s claims do not point to “simple suicide”: in the final analysis their own evidence suggests that if prisoners would have had access to guns and radios then someone in a position of authority must have 29 RE D AR M Y F ACTIO N known it. Author Stefan Aust, for instance, suggests that the prisoners may have been allowed to believe they had established a “secret” communication system so that what they said to each other could be monitored.

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