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By Walter Scott Houston

Highlights from Sky & Telescope's Deep-Sky Wonders column show the independence of inspiration and devotion to craft that made author "Scotty" Houston a favourite between readers for nearly 50 years. Sky & Telescope journal contributing editor Stephen James O'Meara has chosen and organized the easiest of Scotty's paintings right into a year-round consultant to the celebrity clusters, nebulae, and galaxies that entice skygazers into their backyards on transparent, darkish nights. Scotty intersperses his enticing remark with specialist suggestion on turning into a extra able observer.

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3". 0" apart in the year 2 000 and conti nues to separate. A few decades after Scotty began writi ng his De ep-Sky Wonders col­ umn, this orbital motion caused confus ion among amateu rs who found the star dif­ ficult to resolve, especi ally during the 1 960s . Scotty was quick to explain the beauty and wonder of the situatio n. He a lso learned a l esson during an explora tion of Castor's environ s that l eft h i m rather su rprised . hat is �he most impressive sight in the heavens? To me it is the whole sky seen with the dark-adapted naked eye on a moonless winter night, when the stars seem to sparkle just out of arm's reach against a velvet blackness.

A 6-inch or larger telescop e may show some fainter stars near the planetary. 0 +42 47 1 00 62 4 53 I( Kemble's (lJS(ode often help with planeta ries. 0 +60 55 is particularly useful. Let your eye roam around the The plane­ tary nebula N G e 1 53 5 i n Eridanus. 12 01 * margin of the field but center. Your should dark be adapted, and the more transparent the sky the better for these faint extended subjects. Telescopically, NGC 1 535 has a pale, evenly illuminated disk, which W. H. Smyth saw only like a star out of focus.

All galaxies in the 14- to 1 5-mag­ y . ude range are certainly difficult for amateur telescopes. Nevertheless, a look OIt showed the six quite clearly. They through a 12-inch telescope at a star party . , as dIffICUlt as Stephan s make a sweet group, which I suspect will be about Quintet in Pegasus. 6) . The obj ect nearest the center of the group IS IC 2196. Has anyone seen them ? In . � �: The " Leader of the Host of Heaven" and Its Neglected Entourage In January 1 9 60, Scotty than ked the many amateurs who continued to write to him about their observations.

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