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By H. Iwai, Y. Nishi, M. S. Shur, H. Wong

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The electrostatic behavior is modified in a narrow transistor because the gate control over the main channel (central region) and edges is unequal. When the threshold voltage is lower on the edges, reverse narrow-channel effects occur: Vr decreases with width. Note that the parasitic conduction is normally combatted by overdoping the edges such as to increase the local Vr value. This strategy becomes difficult and debatable in ultra-thin films. According to the lateral isolation process (STI, LOCOS, mesa), the sidewalls may feature a different crystal orientation, additional defects, and variable thickness.

ESSDERC'03, Lisbon (2003) pp. 127-130. International Journal of High Speed Electronics and Systems Vol. 16, No. i v(2006) 31-41 ' ' © World Scientific Publishing Company TO %%l^. . , Hsinchu, Taiwan 300, Republic of China cyc@cc. nctu. edu. tw Received (29 March, 2005) Accepted (21 April, 2005) In this article, high lights of researches at NCTU on the topics of quantum transport of electrons, phonons in nanostructures, nano-bio application in SARS diagnoses and vaccinations, new development of THz lasing, blue vertical cavity surface emitting laser, and applications and new development of nano-bio devices are presented.

3 ' 4,5 A more devastating effect in SOI is due to the penetration of the electric field from the drain into the buried oxide (BOX) and underlying substrate (inset of Fig. 1). This fringing field tends to increase the surface potential at the back interface (film-BOX). Because of the existing coupling between the front and back interfaces in fully depleted films, the properties of the front channel get degraded. In particular, the threshold voltage Vr is lowered with increasing drain bias, very much as in DIBL, although the two effects are totally distinct.

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