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Electric currents are controlled sistance, by means of re- the current strength being equal to the A MANUAL OF X-RAY TECHNIC 48 by the electro-motive force divided Electrical resistance depends law). terial of of which the conductor length, its cross-section, its Copper wire is is (Ohm's resistance upon the made, the diameter and its temperature. one of the best practical conductors German of electricity, iron wire not so good, and silver one of the poorest. as a conductor but medium. The is The latter is not used at resistance of a conductor to the area of cross-section or square of rheostat usually of a its diameter.

Avoid overheating the tube by too long or too quent use. The the cathode, and place of greatest heating it is here that the greatest is fre- around number of punctures occur. Means of Deteemining the Positive and Negative Terminals. — In order gen-ray tube properly it is the positive to connect the necessary to may know which being taken. is be determined in the following ways: (1) On the induction coil or transformer the left side is usually the positive pole immersed is and which the negative terminal of the apparatus from which the current This Ront- ; ( in water, bubbles arise 2 ) if both poles are from the negative; (3) the negative pole ionizes a solution of iodide, turning the solution red hand around potassium this pole by liberating free iodine; (4) the spark at the negative A MANUAL OF X-RAY TECHNIC 24 and white, while that pole is thin and wiry; thick when (5) at the positive the tube is is properly con- nected, the anode to the positive terminal and the cathode to the negative, the tube lights up in the normal manner with well-marked hemispheres, while if the current passing through is in the opposite direction rings of light are seen extending around the tube in many different directions.

The tendency of the Rontgen tube to increase in resistance, making it increasingly difficult for the — current to pass through of many it, has caused the introduction contrivances for lowering the vacuum when PRODUCTION OF RONTGEN RAYS it has become too high. regulator of ViJIard. One of these 17 was the osmo- It consisted of a platinum pin sealed into the tube with one end projecting outside. Heating the projecting end with a flame caused the platinum to become porous and to absorb hydrogen, thus lowering the Baking a tube vacuum in of the tube.

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