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By Piers Anthony

Breanna, a gorgeous younger newcomer to the enchanted land of Zanth, needs to care for a distressing difficulty. She has unwittingly attracted the affections of King Xeth, ruler of Xanth's Zombies, who yearns to make her Queen of the Undead! Her quest to maintain her innocence, and locate her future, takes her on an exciting expedition choked with perils, puzzles, and mounds of puns. Zombie Lover will supply a large quantity of macabre merriment for
Xanth's many fans.

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I am King Xeth," he replied in a somewhat scratchy voice. " "I know that! " She was irritable, because of her rude awakening from slumber. Her systems were not yet back on track. " His speech was slightly slurred, but she could make it out. Her vision was improving as her eyes acclimatized to the daylight. " He pointed to a sign beside the bed. " Breanna drew a blank. " "When a woman wants to marry, she sleeps in the Pavilion of Love," he explained. "Only a man of good appearance, character, and breeding can enter.

Imbri had once been a night mare, but had gotten half a soul and turned too nice to handle the ugly job. Now she had become a tree nymph, and kept nice company with a tree faun. She was pure black; that was what had first attracted Breanna. What could be finer than a black mare? "Oh, Imbri! I'm in trouble," Imbri formed a dreamlet image of a pretty black young woman in a lovely black gown. She always knew how to relate. "I can tell that, dear. I felt your emotion from afar. " "I did something ever so stupid," Breanna wailed.

Can you teach Nimby to dream? " Imbri was plainly awed. "I don't know. No demon has ever dreamed. They don't have the mortal sole for it. They don't know what living emotions are. " "Yes, that especially. Demons think love is silly. Of course Nimby-". She framed the word with a peculiar emphasis now that she knew what it signified. "Nimby is not just any demon. So possibly-" "Nimby loves. " "Oh. Then maybe he should start to learn dreaming from Mundanes too. They are less complicated than magical creatures.

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