MBA Student Testimonials


Attending Brendan Boler’s Case Interview Boot Camp helped me get off to a fast start with my case interview preparation and consulting recruiting in general. As an incoming MBA student who had never experienced a case interview, I was intimidated by the process. Brendan thoroughly explained the case interview, how to practice and what study aids were available, and ran us through a number of confidence building individual and group exercises. He also provided helpful anecdotes and insights about consulting recruiting at Darden. I came out of the Boot Camp with two important things – 1. I knew I had the tools I needed to ace the case which helped me focus on the other aspects of recruiting and 2. I got to know a group of peers with similar career interests who I would practice cases with later in the year.

M. A.
Summer Internship-Boston Consulting Group

Professor Boler’s Case Boot Camp was the single most valuable step I took in the consulting recruitment process. As a Marine Corps veteran transitioning to Darden, I had no prior experience in corporate recruiting. The case boot camp provided a solid foundation in case interview preparation and helped me identify personal strengths and weaknesses which allowed me to develop an individual preparation plan for fall recruiting. The timing of the boot camp also allows students to focus entirely on case interview preparation without having to balance the time commitments of academic coursework and recruiting. Given my status as a veteran and a minority student, my recruitment process began in late September, well before interview preparation was offered through the career development center. In early fall Deloitte invited me to interview on short notice. Even though I had less than two days to prepare, I was ready for the interviews due to the skills I had learned in Professor Boler’s course and received an offer from Deloitte to join their Commercial Strategy & Operations as a Summer Associate.

C. M.
Summer Internship-Deloitte Strategy and Operations

As someone who was a high school teacher before Darden, I found Brendan’s workshop to be essential in getting a head start in the case interview preparation process. He gave me a solid foundation in the basics of case interviews and provided a roadmap for me to build on these skills and eventually succeed in recruiting. He is a great teacher, an awesome guy, and I would recommend the boot camp to anyone who is looking to go into consulting.

J. L.
Summer Internship-Internal Strategy United Technologies Corporation (UTC)

Originally, the prospect of a case interview seemed daunting to me. Enrolling in Brendan Boler’s “Case Interview Boot Camp” prior to my first year at Darden helped provide me with a strategic approach to excel at case interviews. By breaking the process up into manageable steps and helping to outline a “plan of attack,” the Case Interview Boot Camp helped prepare me to succeed in consulting interviews.

B. N.
Summer Internship-AT Kearney

The Case Interview Boot Camp was an excellent introduction into the difficult and highly utilized case interview. Coming from a nontraditional (military) background I felt unprepared for the rigorous style of the analytical case interview. During the course, Brendan Boler explained the case interview, broke it down in to manageable parts, and made students leave their comfort zone and get a feel for how cases look and feel in a concrete manner. None of my actual interviews were case style, however, they were very all very technical. The Boot Camp helped me prepare for and succeed in my technical, investment banking interviews. When my peers were preparing for their interviews in November and December I had already been introduced to those skills back in August, allowing me to concentrate on honing those skills, networking, and school work.

Additionally Brendan helped the class to learn what consultants actually do which helped me narrow down my recruiting field early on in the process. Many Darden students think they can cruise throughout the first few terms and not focus in on recruiting. You can do that if you want, but if you narrow your targets down early, you have a much more enjoyable and manageable first year. The Case Interview Boot Camp helps students explore their career goals before school even starts, allowing for a more rewarding Darden experience.

I highly recommend this program to all first year students who have never been interviewed in the case style, no matter their recruiting and career goals.

D. D.
Summer Internship-Credit Suisse

Law Student Testimonials


I would highly recommend Brendan’s consulting program to Virginia law students for a few reasons:

First, Brendan is a a rare resource at the University of Virginia, with a successful career as an officer in the US Army, a management consultant, and a professional career adviser. Brendan was the rock star of Darden’s career development center, coaching hundreds of Darden students to their dream consulting jobs, even through the most challenging economic environments.

Second, for those seeking to be high flying lawyers and judges, getting an introduction into the strategic consulting method of analysis will add an additional intellectual framework and set you apart from the competition. Third, for those thinking about potentially transitioning into a business role or in-house counsel after a few years at a firm, having a basic understanding of McKinsey’s “MECE” system will be invaluable in your pursuit of the executive suite.

Lastly, for those pondering a jump straight to the business realm, management consulting places a premium on intellectual horsepower, which is not exactly in limited supply at the David A. Harrison Law Grounds. For those able to make the leap, consulting, provides a great training ground and an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of companies and business situations.

J. M.
JD/MBA Virginia ‘14

I entered Brendan’s course with absolutely no notion of the rigor and format of the interview process for management consulting firms, and I can say that those three days put me in a much better position to compete for one of these scarce opportunities. Management consulting interviews are not law school interviews — they are much more intense and substantive, and you do not want to go into them without putting in a lot of prep beforehand.

Brendan’s course was a perfect way to gear up for that prep – fun, rigorous, practical and informative. We covered the standard consulting interview, the differences between consulting firms (and why those are important), standard questions firms will ask about your resume and your interest in consulting, and most importantly, the myriad tricks and frameworks that help you impress in a consulting case interview – culminating with some very helpful mock case interviews. We also covered some very helpful tips for making a schedule for preparation from the end of the course until the interview period. Brendan’s course was spot on with its prediction of the challenges of the recruiting process, and I am very glad that I took the time to participate.

L. L.
JD/MBA Virginia ‘15